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Bhagyalakshmi Lottery Guide

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Bhagyalakshmi Lottery Guide

Bhagyalakshmi Lottery offers lottery betting to Indians. Due to its tempting name and widespread popularity, we decided to check its legitimacy. If you wish to try out the Bhag Lakshmi lottery, we advise you to avoid it, as we have found red flags indicating this site is a scam. Read below to know more.

Reasons Why We Believe Bhagyalakshmi Is Fake

Are you contemplating to play Bhagyalakshmi lottery? Here are 10 reasons why we feel the Bhagya Lakshmi lottery is fake.


For any gambling website, a licence is one of the first indicators of its legitimacy. Even lottery providers have some form of documentation that helps us trace its origin. Take, for example, the Punjab State Lottery, which the Directorate of the Punjab State officially promotes under the government’s Finance Department.

Similarly, if we look at international lottery providers like:

  • Khelraja ➡️
  • Lotto Agent ➡️
  • Lotto 247 ➡️
  • Lottofy ➡️

All of these websites with best online lottery in India are licensed by well-known gambling regulators.


If you have already visited the Bhagyalaxmi lottery online website, it showcases a symbol linking the website with the National Lottery of the United Kingdom and SportsScotland.

However, we dug into it further and discovered that these organisations are based in the UK and Scotland. Naturally, we find it very peculiar for a UK-based organisation to be associated with an Indian lottery provider such as the Bhagya Laxmi lottery.


With further prodding, as we tried to play Bhag Lakshmi lottery, we found another peculiar aspect of this website.

The site claims it operates a concierge service that buys lottery tickets from physical shops on behalf of lottery agents. However, when we checked out the “Help” section, it was clearly suggested that the Bhagyalaxmi online lottery is independent and has no associate partner service.

According to our experienced reviewers, it is a prominent discrepancy and another red flag pointing to the website’s illegitimacy.


To better understand the legality of the Bhagyalaxmi lottery game, you must remember the laws behind lottery services in India. Firstly, India has a blanket ban on lottery ticket sales; however, in 1998, a special Lottery Regulation Act was introduced that allowed different states to make their own laws around lottery services.

At present, only 13 states in India have a legal state-owned lottery. Now, when we look at the Bhagyalakshmi Play website, it is not a state-owned service. Additionally, the site’s claims that it is UK-based are also false. It means it is not safe to buy a Bhagyalaxmi lottery ticket.

Further, when we checked for the website’s host, we found that it is hosted in Mumbai by some P.D.R. Solutions FZS, which is peculiar for a website claiming to be owned by a UK-based organisation.


Legitimate online websites are very particular about their presentation, which includes graphics, images, and content they display on the official site. However, a quick look at the lottery Bhagyalaxmi website has some downright elementary grammatical mistakes.

Our reviewers, for example, were perplexed to read the following sentence:

“Is a very famous lotter in India this makes so many milliners in all over world”

The less said about the sentence construction, syntax, and spelling errors, the better. Eminent English experts must be writhing in their respective graves! All jokes aside, this only shows the sloppiness of the makers and their sheer disregard for reliability.

One thing that must be pointed out is that among all this, Bhagya Laxmi lottery online ranks quite well on Google for using terms like ‘online lottery in India’ and ‘Indian online lottery’. It proves the makers spent efforts on search engine optimisation, making the Bhagya Lakshmi game website appear more frequently on Google.


The approval seal, which can be seen at the bottom of the homepage when you set to play Bhagyalakshmi website, is barely visible. We drilled into it and could not determine which organisation the approval seal belonged to. It only points to one thing: a botched Photoshop job.

All websites operate under certain copyright laws, which are constantly updated. However, Bhagyalaxmi Play Lottery never cared for this aspect. The website has 2018 copyright information that is long expired (you can click to see it yourself).


Almost all online commercial websites have some social media presence, which is great for advertisement and customer accusation. When we checked the Bhagyalakshmi website, we found several social media links, with each button being inoperable.

Almost all purchase links for the Bhagyalaxmi ticket are either fake or broken. Similarly, other support links, like social media, customer support, or even the Bhagyalaxmi result link, do not work—another reason to stay away from this scam website.


Online lottery websites take great pride in showcasing the number of winners and millionaires they have made over the years. But you won’t find any such information when you play the Bhag Lakshmi game, which is meant to target gullible and unsuspecting visitors. We recommend choosing sites that show result of each game transparently and honestly.


To conclude, it is evident that we are dealing with a fake website that has laid out the net to scam visitors. We strongly urge our readers to stay away from the Bhagyalakshmi website at all costs and protect their hard-earned money.


Is Bhagyalakshmi Lottery Genuine?

Lottery Bhagyalakshmi, according to our investigation, is a fraud website and a blatant scam.

Can I Play the Bhagyalaxmi Lottery With Real Money?

Bhagyalaxmi Lottery is a fake website, and spending any money on it will be lost forever.

Bhagyalaxmi is an illegal website with no authentic license, and lottery enthusiasts must avoid it.

How To Check Bhagyalakshmi Lottery Results?

There is no way to check the Bhagyalakshmi lottery results since it is a fake lotto service.

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