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How to Play Matka – The Complete Guide

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How to Play Matka Guide

How to play Matka online? This is something every Indian wants to know, and we bring you a nifty guide that will help you with online Matka calculation and help you make the right prediction. Learn all the Satta Matta Matka rules and have a good time!

The First Step: Choose Your Matka Lottery Online

Matka game in has a cult status, but before you start, know that it is not allowed to be played in the land-based environment. The best online Matka trick is to play on online gambling platforms with offshore licenses or simply use a Matka online betting app.

Now, let’s get into Satta Matka details! Kalyan Matka and Worly Matka are the most common types of the game, so it is natural to wonder how to play Matka Kalyan and how to play Satta Matta Matka in general. On top of these two, there are also:

  • Tara Matka;
  • Dbposs;
  • Milan;
  • Madhur;
  • Matka 420;
  • Sridevi;
  • Time Bazar;
  • Rajadhani, and many others.

Each of these lotteries runs on its own schedule. Some are available throughout the week, and others only on selected days. Check out the schedule, learn a few how to play Matka tricks, notice all the variations between lotteries, and pick the one that seems to suit you best.

The Second Step: Find a Reliable Satta Matka Lottery Platform

Before you put those Matka calculation tricks to good use, you have to find fair Matka sites and figure out how to play Satta Matta Matka online on that particular platform.

The biggest Matka winners trick is to have a trusted lottery provider by your side. You will encounter many websites claiming they are the best, but instead of trusting their words, do thorough research and follow our general safe gambling guidelines.

The essence of all Indian Matka lottery tips sums up: play only with brands that won’t run away with your money. Check out our list of great sites for Matka online betting!

  • JungliWin, is a platform with a generous welcome bonus of up to 1 lakh ➡️

Do you know how to Matka guessing game? It is time to play Matka gambling game!

The Third Step: Use the Matka Calculation Formula

Are you ready to do some Matka calculation? It is an essential part of this lottery game!

Online calculation Matka formula is your key to the kingdom and the entryway to the entire process. So, how to play Matka Satta?

Each Matka calculation theory applies to both drawings. Yes, on Satta days, the game happens twice a day.

During the bidding times, the result is determined based on three cards (pana) or random numbers. In the process of calculation Matka, use the standard deck of cards, without Ks, Qs and Js.

The cards are valued as follows:

  • Aces are worth 1 point;
  • Cards 2 to 9 have their face value;
  • 10 is worth 0.

Prior to using the Matka mathematical formula, let’s see how the game unravels. The dealer will shuffle the cards and lay them in front of you, face down.

The cards are in a single line, and you have to pick three, without flipping. In the online game, the dealer picks the cards.

In satta matka, a pana is consistently organized in ascending order. For example, 123 is an acceptable pana, while 231 or 213 is not. An exception to this rule occurs when there is a 0, which is always placed in the third position.

Regarding placing bets, each player has the opportunity to bet once before the opening time (referred to as opening pana/panna/patti) and once again before the closing time (referred to as closing pana/panna/patti). The opening time corresponds to the initial draw, while the closing time pertains to the second draw. The time span between these two events is typically one hour.

How We Calculate Upcoming Matka Number?

The formula for Matka number calculation game goes as follows: choose a number between 0 and 9 and place a bet. This is where Matka mathematical formula finally steps in!

If the dealer draws the 234 sequence, the numbers will add up to 9. In the second sequence (or pana) the numbers can be 678, meaning their total value is 21. In that case, the dealer will remove the last digit, thus resulting in the formula:

  • 234*1×2*670

Players who staked money on 1 and/or 2 win. One thing you have to know is that no player knows the pana which makes the game incredibly exciting.

However, this is only the most basic way to approach the game, as there are many variations one can play, as well as many types of bets.

The Fourth Step: Choose a Bet Type

Satta Matka lottery offers multiple types of bets for Matka online play. There are seven types of bet when you play Satta Matka in its original mode:

  1. Single (Ank);
  2. Single Patti/Pana;
  3. Double Patti/ Double Pana;
  4. Trippler Patti/Triple Pana;
  5. Jodi;
  6. Half Sangam;
  7. Sangam.

Let’s see how to calculate Matka Satta number, depending on the bet.

How to Play Online Matka Ank Bets?

Single or Ank bets are those placed on the total pana value in either opening or closing. It is time to go back to the example above.

In that case, if you guessed the number will be 1 at the opening or 2 at the closing, you win the bet. If you bet on any other number, you lose.

The payout is 9/1.

How To Guessing Matka Satta Number: Single Patti/Pana Bet?

In this type of bet, you can’t wager on repeating numbers, for instance 222, or 335. Only sequences such as 234 or 567 count.

The number in the opening sequence can repeat in the closing sequence. Check out the possible card combinations for this type of bet:

  1. 0: 127-136-190-235-280-279-370-389-459-460-479-578
  2. 1: 128-137-146-236-245-290-380-470-489-560-579-678
  3. 2: 129-138-147-156-237-246-345-390-480-570-589-679
  4. 3: 120-139-148-157-238-247-256-346-490-580-670-689
  5. 4: 130-149-158-167-239-248-257-347-356-590-680-789
  6. 5: 140-159-168-230-249-258-267-348-357-456-690-780
  7. 6: 123-150-169-178-240-259-268-349-358-457-367-790
  8. 7: 124-160-179-250-269-278-340-359-368-458-467-890
  9. 8: 125-134-170-189-260-279-350-369-378-459-468-567
  10. 9: 126-135-180-234-270-289-360-379-450-469-478-568

The payout in this bet is 140/1.

How to Play Satta Matta Matka Kalyan: Double Patti bet?

In this case, you place a bet in which two numbers must be repeated during the closing or opening pana. For example, you can bet on 223 or 665.

Check out the list of combinations for Double Pana bets:

  1. 0: 550-668-244-299-226-488-334-677-118
  2. 1: 100-119-155-227-335-344-399-588-669
  3. 2: 200-110-228-255-336-499-660-688-778
  4. 3: 300-166-229-337-355-445-599-779-788
  5. 4: 400-112-220-266-338-446-455-699-770
  6. 5: 500-113-122-177-339-366-447-799-889
  7. 6: 600-114-277-330-448-466-556-880-899
  8. 7: 700-115-133-188-223-377-449-557-566
  9. 8: 800-116-224-233-288-440-477-558-990
  10. 9: 900-117-144-199-225-388-559-577-667

The payout is 270/1.

Triple Patti Bet Explained

This is betting on opening or closing pana, with three matching numbers, for example, 333 or 222. There are very few possible combinations

  1. 0: 000
  2. 1: 777
  3. 2: 444
  4. 3: 111
  5. 4: 888
  6. 5: 555
  7. 6: 222
  8. 7: 999
  9. 8: 666
  10. 9: 333

The payout is 600/1.

Jodi Bet Type

Jodi bet is placed on the outcome of the opening and closing draw. For example, if the opening draw is 531 (the outcome is 9), and the closing is 113 (6), you bet on 96.

This bet pays 90/1 or 95/1.

How to Guessing Matka Cut Numbers

Formula Matka calculation theory also knows cut numbers. They make the thing more interesting as they may increase the Matka winning amount.

Cut numbers are:

  • 0 and 5;
  • 1 and 6;
  • 2 and 7:
  • 3 and 8;
  • 4 and 9.

So if jodi is 49, it is a cut number.

Half Sangam Bet

This bet combines closing ank with the opening pana and vide versa. Let’s break this down:

  • Opening pana is 2+1+1 = 4;
  • Closing pana is 4+2+1 = 7
  • Half sangham bet is 211X7 or 421X4.

The payout is 1,400/1.

Sangam Bet

This one is created by combining the closing and opening pana. If we take the example above, the bet would be 211X421.

The payout is 15,000/1.

The Fifth Step: Choose the Betting Phase

How to play Satta Matka? Before you choose your Matka gambling number and game bets Matka, you will have to decide when you wish to bet. You can bet on:

  • Opening draw;
  • Closing draw:
  • Both.

The time of betting may limit the availability of certain bet types.

The Sixth Step: Select Your Numbers

Matka rules will ask you to pick your numbers. The lottery is completely random, so there is no secret Satta Matka formula or Matka winning tricks that can help you predict the numbers with a 100% precision.

The best trick on how to guess Matka is to go with your guts. Satta Matka rules allow you multiple betting options, and you must know how Matka is calculated before placing the bet.

The Seventh Step: Check the Satta Matka Results

In the end, you have to check your Matka lottery result, which is the past of the entire thing! Satta Matka gambling concludes with the closing draw.

All results are displayed in a special chart. What is Matka game chart?

It is a simple table with opening and closing draws. “O “stands for opening, and “C” for closing.

In the chart, you will often see the result displayed as 123-67-421. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 123-6 is the opening draw;
  • 421-7 is the closing draw;
  • 67 is jodi;
  • 123-6 and 421-7 are half sangam bets;
  • 123-421 is sangam bet.

Mattka Glossary

  • Berji: the final sum of the jodi;
  • Close pana: the last three cards drawn;
  • CP: Cycle Patti, the last two digits in a single pana (e.g., 35 in 135)
  • DP: Double Patti (e.g., 552)
  • Farak: the difference between the numbers in a jodi;
  • Jodi: sum between between 00 and 99
  • Matka: earthen pot used in lotteries;
  • Open panna: the first three cards;
  • Pana/Panna/Patti: three cards that make a draw;
  • Single Ank: a number between 0 and 9;
  • SP: Single Patti (e.g., 457);
  • TP: Triple Patti (e.g., 777).

How to Play Satta Online?

Here’s a rundown of the entire betting process and how to play Matka Satta number guessing:

  1. Find the type of MAtka you want to play;
  2. Find a site that supports it;
  3. register and fund your account;
  4. Pick your bet and bet amount;
  5. Submit the bet and wait for the results!


Satta Matka, a popular form of lottery-style gambling, has been an intriguing and pervasive part of Indian culture for several decades. Originating in the bustling streets of Mumbai, this game has evolved into a widespread phenomenon, captivating the interest of enthusiasts across the country.

Although not regulated like traditional lotteries, it is still a fun activity for many. We can’t accentuate enough how important it is to play this game on safe and transparent websites.

The mechanics of Satta Matka are relatively simple yet intriguing, which makes it a perfect choice for all types of Indian gamblers. On top of that, it offers a variety of thrilling combinations, some bets bearing as much as 15,000x the stake, which is more than in many Western gambling games.

As it continues to evolve, the enigma of Satta Matka remains an integral part of the diverse tapestry of leisure activities in India. Challenge the Lady Luck today and play Matka!


How does Satta Matka work?

Matka, also known as Satta Matka is a lottery-style game, that involves participants placing bets on numbers spanning from 0 to 9. The winning number is drawn randomly, and the player holding the correct number wins.

Generally speaking, there is no total ban on online Matka betting. However, please check with your local authorities as rules vary from state to state.

Is there a way to predict Satta Matka number?

Although there are some theories that involve strategies, Matka is a pure game of chance, and therefore, all outcomes are random. If you are lucky, you will guess right!

How many types of Matka are there?

Kalyan Matka and Worli Matka are the two most popular types of Matka in India, but there are also many others available.

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