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Mizoram State Lottery Guide

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Mizoram State Lottery Guide

Mizoram State Lottery is one of the best online lottery in India. This popular lottery system features 14 schemes that happen on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Mizoram lottery is part of the Institutional and Financial State Lottery, and therefore, 100% legal and regulated. Now it’s time to find out more about this lucrative scheme that can bring you massive payouts!

Overview of the Mizoram Lottery Schemes and Ticket Prices

Mizoram state lotari tickets are easy to come by. You can buy them not only in the Peninsula State but all over India.

Naturally, selling and purchasing are possible as long as your state doesn’t ban lottery gambling. Make sure to check with your local authority whether you are allowed to play Mizoram lottery coin schemes.

All that said and done? Let’s find out more about Mizoram state lottries, when they are drawn, and how to play them, and how much you can win!

But, first – here’s a short summary. Www Mizoram lottery currently conducts the following lotteries:

  • 5 weekly draws;
  • 8 monthly draws;
  • 1 yearly draw.

The weekly lotteries have draws throughout the week, except on Tuesdays and Fridays, and the draws happen between 5 PM and 8 PM IST. The prizes per ticket range from 10 INR to 250 INR.

Quite a selection!

Weekly Mizoram State Lottery Metro: Rajshree Magic 50 and Rajshree Magic Guru

Rajshree Magic 50 lottery is drawn on Mondays, while the Rajshree Magic Guru is drawn on Wednesdays. A correct Mizoram lottery prediction for these two schemes may fetch you up to 530,000 INR.

The ticket price is 50 INR per ticket, for each respective lottery. The results are drawn at 5 PM, and the rewards are available for numbers 1 to 7.

Weekly Lottery: Rajshree Magic 30

Www Mizoram state lottery result for Rajshree Magic 30 is drawn only on Saturdays, at 5 PM. The price per ticket is 30 INR.

This lottery pays for positions 1 to 6. The maximum prize you can win is 2.4 lakhs, while the minimum is 100 INR.

Like all other lotteries, you can win consolidation prizes as well.

Weekly Lottery: Rajshree Magic 20

The popular Rajshree Magic 20 will sweeten up your week! The Mizoram state lotteries evening result is drawn at 5 PM.

The price for a single ticket is very reasonable: only 20 INR. Players can win up to 1.4 lakhs, while the most modest prize is capped at 100 INR.

Rajshree Magic pays for 1 to 6 positions.

Weekly Lottery: Rajshree Magic 100

With the price of 100 INR per ticket, Rajshree Magic 100 is the most expensive Mizoram state lotteries dear loving. Www Mizoram state lottery result com is drawn each Wednesday at 5 PM.

It is a very popular lottery among gamers who wish to spice up their week with some great prizes!

Monthly: Rajshree 100

Rajshree 100 monthly lottery is a very rewarding one. You can win up to 5.4 lakhs!

The results are drawn every 4th Friday at 5 PM. A single ticket will set you back 100 INR, but the good news is there can be two winners of that marvellous prize!

Monthly: Rajshree 250

If you wish to play Rajshree 250 lottery, know that Mizoram state lottery results today morning are published at 5 PM, on the 1st Tuesday of the month. The price per ticket is a bit high: 250 INR.

The biggest prize you can win is the sensational 9.5 laks, and the minimum reward is 500 INR. Obviously, this lottery is worth a shot!

Monthly: Rajshree 500

In this lottery, 10 winners may win up to 10 lakhs. For others, there are several different consolidation prizes reserved, starting at 1,000 INR.

Www Mizoram state lottery result com is drawn every 2nd Tuesday at 5 PM. The ticket will cost you 500 INR.

Monthly: Rajshree 10

Rajshree 10 is another monthly lottery, and the cheapest one. The ticket costs only 10 INR.

Mizoram lottery results online for this one are available every 3rd Tuesday of the month, at 5 PM. The maximum prize is 90,000 INR, which is still very generous considering the price of the ticket.

Monthly: Rajshree 20

Rajshree 20 is a bit more expensive, with a price of 20 INR per ticket. The maximum win you can land is capped at 1.9 lakhs. The smallest prize is 100 INR – still a good value for the price.

Today Mizoram state lottery result is released on the 4th Tuesday of the month.

Monthly: Rajshree 25

Rajshree 25 will spice up your weekend, as the results go live on the 1st Friday. The price per ticket is 25 INR, which is still relatively affordable.

If you get the correct Mizoram morning lottery result, you can win up to 9.5 lakhs.

Monthly: Rajshree 30

Rajshree 30 pays for positions from 1 to 6, and the biggest win is 2.8 lakhs. It also has Super prizes valued at 20 lakhs.

If you play this generous lottery, stay tuned on the 3rd Friday of the month. The results are published at 8 PM.

Monthly: Rajshree 50

And finally, we have Rayshree 50 – the lottery that costs 50 INR per ticket, with results published on the 2nd Friday of the month. The maximum prize available is 4.5 lakhs, but the Super prize may reach 50 lakhs!

Rayshree Basant Panchami Lottery

This exceptional lottery happens only once a year. The best prize is 10 lakhs, but there is also an abundance of consolidation prizes that can be quite lucrative.

How to play Mizoram State Lottery?

Are you eager to play one of the most thrilling lotteries in India. Just follow these simple steps!

Explore your options
Take a look at all the lotteries available, their prices, and rewards. Pick the one that suits you.
Buy a ticket
Fidn a trustworthy vendor and purchase the ticket.
Tale a look at the ticket
Make sure the ticket you just got is real, and not fake. Unfortunately, there are many scammers out there.
Keep the ticket
Know where you have put your ticket at all times.
Keep an eye on the draw
Tune in for the draw, and see if you managed to score a win!
10 minutes

Is the Mizoram Lottery Safe?

Generally speaking, yes. Mizoram Lottery is safe because it is organized by the local government, and not an independent third party that might have an interest in rigging the numbers.

All tickets are printed in a special office, supervised by the authorities. All land-based vendors must have a license to sell lottery tickets.

In this day and age, it is not uncommon to find people selling Mizoram lottery tickets online. We advise you to approach them cautiously, and if possible avoid them.

Even though Mizoram authorities supported online purchases in the past, since 2019, they stopped the activity. shame, as many players from across India would love to get the tickets from the comfort of their own homes.

Also, keep in mind that Mizoram Lottery doesn’t let you pick your own numbers. If you wish to have such an experience, we suggest opting for international lottery operators.

How to Check Mizoram Lottery Results and Claim the Prize?

Checking out the results is more than easy. All draws are live-streamed on the official lottery YouTube channel. Check the results on your desktop computer or mobile phone, no matter where you are and what you do!

If you are located in Aizawl, you can also watch the live draw by visiting the authority’s premises. It is definitely an experience you won’t forget, especially if your ticket contains all the right numbers!


What are the prizes in Mizoram lottery?

The biggest prize you can win as a result of Mizoram state lottery is 10 lakhs. However, there are also smaller prizes starting at 20 INR and consolation prizes.

Can I Play Lottery Mizoram Online?

Yes, you can. Buy Mizoram lottery ticket online at a vendor’s sit, just make sure it is a safe and reliable one.

Yes, Mizoram state lottery online is 100% legal. It is regulated and provided by the IFSL.

What is the best Lottery in Mizoram?

In terms of prize values, Rajshree Basant Panchami Annual Lotter and the Rajshree 500 Monhtly Lottery are the best. Otherwise, go with your guts and pick any Mizoram lottery.co.in you like.

How much do tickets for Lottery in Mizoram cost?

The price of the tickets varies from lottery to lottery. The cheapest ones will set you back only 10 INR, while the most expensive ones come with a price tag of 250 INR.

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