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Punjab State Lottery Guide

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Punjab State Lottery Guide

Punjab State Lotto is one of 13 lotteries in India that are conducted by the government and thus is fully legal. But what is it, and how do you get the Punjab State Lottery result? Our expert team has looked into this lottery to compile the guide with the most important info.


Most countries in the world have their own versions of lotteries. Some of them are privately run, while others are sanctioned by the state or government. This drawing is the latter case.

As one of the best lottery in India, the Punjab Drawing is enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people every year, and prizes range from smaller amounts up to over 1 crore in the quarterly drawing. Speaking of, how is the Punjab State Lottery 2023 organized, and which draws can a player look forward to?

This scheme consists of a total of 42 draws in a year, and those draws are separated depending on how often they are held (there are also many other options including Makar Sakranti Bumper). The Punjab Lotto weekly draw is held every week on every single day, which gives a player plenty of chances to win some money.

The prizes themselves are affordable. The cheapest tickets for the weekly draws are about 10 rupees, whereas more expensive tickets for the weekly draws of the Lottery Punjab go for up to 1000 rupees.

Some cost 200 or 500 rupees, which means that there is a wide range of tickets a player can buy with even a small amount of pocket change. In the Punjab State Lotto 2023, multiple drawings are held throughout the year, with the weekly drawings occurring constantly, but also with some rarer drawings that happen monthly or quarterly.

Those drawings are even more popular since the winnings can be a lot bigger than in the weekly drawings. The monthly lotteries, for example, are usually several times throughout the month on select Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

The Tuesday drawings are held on the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th Tuesday, with different prices and different Punjab Lotto result amounts.

While plenty of information can be found about the Punjab Lottery online, tickets can only be bought at qualified retailers and not online. Be aware that any offer you may find online is most likely not real, and you may lose money in the process. Only buy lottery tickets for the Punjab State Dear Lottery from authorized sellers and don’t participate in a Punjab Lotto Online purchase of tickets.

The quarterly drawing is the one that most players are looking forward to. It is the rarest event but also the one with the highest potential winnings.

Only one person can win the jackpot, and the lucky winner wins over 1 crore – a dream amount for many players. If this whets your appetite, and you would like to learn more about which steps to take to play it, then read on. You’ll find out all the information our team of gambling experts collected about this state-sanctioned drawing.

How to play the Punjab State Lottery?

Playing and entering is an easy process, but it is still important to follow the necessary steps to ensure a fun lottery experience. We listed the steps you need to take below.

Before anything else, the first significant step is to research the different Punjab Lotteries and check both their possible prizes (1st prize money, date and so on) and the cost of tickets. Punjab lotto monthly and quarterly only occur a few times a year but have a potentially higher payout.

Weekly lotteries appear every week and only have very little cost, but also lower potential prizes. Which lotteries you want to play in is up to you, and there is no upper limit to how many you can take part in.

After researching and deciding which lottery to take part in, the next step is to buy a ticket. Those tickets are only sold at qualified retailers and not online. Be careful not to purchase Punjab Lottery online, as those are often scams or invalid tickets that can’t be used.
Check the ticket
After buying the ticket, you should make sure of a few things. First, take a look at whether you bought the correct ticket for the right lottery. Even when buying from a retailer, you should check that it is not fake.

There is a clear logo of the Punjab Government in the top left, and “Govt. of Punjab” is written around the sides. There is also a signature and official stamp visible. You also need to write the full name and address onto the ticket for it to be valid.

Check the results
After purchase and making sure of its validity, you can watch the Lottery result Punjab live. Watching the draws on YouTube is an easy way to see the result of the Punjab Lottery live. But that is not the only way, as you can also visit the venue where the draws are being held or check the website for the Punjab Lottery today result chart.
Claim your reward
If you win, all that remains is to claim your reward. In the next section, we will provide more details on how to do that. Enjoy your prize, or try again if you have lost (keep in mind that it is a pure game of chance)!
10 minutes


Some people may say that the Lottery sounds too good to be true, as there are quite a few winnings to give out, and the buy-in prize is rather low. Is there a catch?

Prospective players don’t need to worry, though – the Punjab State Lottery is completely safe. Foremost, it is a government-sanctioned lottery that is watched over by an official entity, which ensures that any winnings given out are legitimate and any winners are carefully checked.

There are myriad ways to watch the result on official channels, as well as numerous ways to get tickets in various stores and through retailers. This is one of the safest state-run lotteries, as long as you obey the rules and check your tickets to see if you won. Don’t buy any Punjab Lottery Online tickets. Those are usually scams and not legitimate. As a state-run lottery, all the tickets are available at sellers or retailers, and online Lottery tickets are not legitimate.

The scheme was established in 1968 to make sure that players are not swept up in illegal schemes. Our team established that it is completely legal and safe as long as the rules are followed.


There are several ways to look at the results of your ticket and make sure you are a winner:

  • One of these is YouTube, probably among the most popular ways to check the result for a given drawing and also one of the easiest. To participate, simply tune into the channel of the State Lottery on the day of purchase.
  • On the YouTube channel, the drawing is easily visible and can be followed even from the comfort of your home. That way, you immediately know whether you have won.
  • An even easier way, especially if you can’t tune in live for whatever reason, is to have a look at the official website. There you can see the Lottery agency list to check where tickets are being sold and see the result of any recent drawing.

    You can also find a lot more useful information about the lottery in general, as well as its history.

  • One further easy way to check the result is to simply go to the venue where the drawing is being held to immediately see whether you won. Of course, this is not necessarily easy for every player, and for convenience, YouTube or the website are probably the best options.

Once you checked the result and found out you won, how do you claim your prize and enjoy your earnings? This depends on how much you actually won:

  • If the amount you have won is 10.000 or less, then the agency who sold you the ticket can pay you out. That means you simply have to go back to the retail store or seller and show them the ticket to claim your winnings. It could not be any easier than that. However, you need to make sure that you go back to the same store where you bought your Punjab State Lottery weekly, monthly or quarterly ticket.
  • If you check the Punjab Lottery result chart of today and find out you won more than 10.000, then the process is slightly more complicated. In that case, the ticket has to be sent by mail to the official Directorate of Punjab State Lotteries, which sits in Chandigarh, or it can be submitted to the office that is listed on the claims form.

If you choose to go that route, you need to do so within 30 days of the publication of the results. If you send it any later, you risk that your winnings will be forfeited, and you will not be paid out. So, the sooner you send in your winning ticket, the better!

In order to ensure it arrives on time, send it in an insured envelope or parcel or another secure method. Also, keep your Lottery ticket intact after you find out that you won, as torn or destroyed tickets can’t be claimed any more.

After analysing this particular lottery, we can concur that you will have no problem checking the results and claiming the prize of the Punjab Monthly State Lottery or any of the weekly or quarterly variations that are on offer, as long as you follow our findings. Good luck, and have fun!


What are some of the prizes you can win?

What prizes you can win depends on which lottery you decide to play. The weekly lottery is the most frequently played but also has the lowest prizes.

This also means that the buy-in is a lot lower. Weekly tickets give out prizes up to 10.000 rupees and only cost up to 1.000, which can mean a good return. The prizes are even higher for the rarer monthly and quarterly lotteries.

Is it possible to play Punjab Lottery online?

No, the lottery can’t be purchased or played online. This is partly to ensure the safety of the players, as there are many scammers around who would like to sell fraudulent tickets. As a result, the tickets can only be bought at qualified retailers.

What happens if I miss the drawing deadline?

If you win in a drawing but forget to send in the ticket for amounts higher than 10.000 rupees, you will not be able to claim the winnings afterwards. Make sure that you send in your ticket and that it is not destroyed or illegible to claim your winnings. For earnings in the Satta King Lottery that are lower than 10.000, you can claim them in the same place you bought the ticket initially.

How do I know that a ticket is actually legit?

To begin with, tickets should only be bought in qualified participating stores. You can recognize a real ticket by a few things. Firstly, there is a clear logo of the Punjab Government visible in the top left.

There is also writing that says, “Govt. of Punjab” in both English and Punjabi all around the sides of the ticket. There is also a stamp, a signature and a bar / QR code visible.

How can you claim your prizes?

To claim your prize, all you need to do is go to the retailer where you bought the ticket. For amounts higher than 10.000 rupees, it has to be sent in a letter or insured parcel to the directory of Punjab State Lotteries.

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